Official Rules of Play

Teams and Players:

Teams should register for the age and gender brackets best fitting their team makeup. Ages will be confirmed at check-in. Oldest player on the team establishes the official bracket of play. Youth divisions have age limits regardless of school grade, see Registration page for details. If mixed gender teams are entered, the team will play in the boys/mens division. Teams may play “up” in age bracket in the youth divisions, and “down” in age bracket in the adult divisions if they so choose. A player may only play for one team per division.


Games and Time:

Games are considered official after 15 minutes time has elapsed on the official court time-clock, or the first team to reach 15 points, whichever comes first. Game clock does NOT stop for any reason. Severe injury timeouts will be a judgment call by the court monitor.



If a game ends in a tie after regulation time, one timed overtime period will ensue. Overtime is 2 minutes; first possession is determined by seed. If the 2 minute overtime does not determine a winner, sudden death overtime will ensue. Seeding determines possession at the start of the period.



No jump balls. The team with the lowest seed starts with possession at the beginning of any period. Possession changes teams after each score. Defensive rebounds must be taken beyond the 3pt arch to transfer possession.



Scoring = 1 pt. for normal field goals and layups, 2 pts. for field goals beyond the 3pt arch. Score is kept by the court monitor, the official score is the score represented. Scoring discrepancies should be brought to the court monitor’s attention immediately.



Any/all fouls (defensive and offensive) result in possession awarded to the team calling the foul. There is no such thing as a shooting foul or foul shots. Players call their own fouls unless an official is present (Youth division games will be officiated by neutral volunteers). Court monitors and/or official’s word is the last word, no appeals – no arguments. Excessive fouls, excessive arguments will not be tolerated and may result in team forfeit (loss of game) or player ejection from the game.



Traveling, double-dribble, up-and-down, etc. will result in a turnover of possession, judgment of court monitor. Over-and-back is not a violation in 1/2 court play.


Pool-Play, Seeding, Brackets, and Elimination:

Teams are guaranteed at least 3 games.  Teams will play 2 pool play games, then seeding for Bracket Elimination play will be established based on results of Pool Play Wins and Point Differential.  Bracket play will be single elimination format until a winner is established.


Incomplete brackets (less than 4 teams) will be combined with like age/gender divisions to make a complete bracket.